Book #5 is here…


What If…I Had An Armadillo On My Arm??

Introducing the fifth book in the series, What If I Had An Armadillo On My Arm? An epic tale of audacity, acrobatics, and artistry that is sure to help kids think bigger and engage the power of imagination.

“Imagination is the beginning of creation.” – George Bernard Shaw

Grandma Sandy, mother of 7 kids and grandmother to 20, started these books with the goal to unlock the power of imagination and creativity, urging kids (and their parents!) to embrace creative thinking and reap the lifelong benefits of this nearly forgotten skill. Collect each book in the series!


Printed on thick, sturdy pages, these board books are perfect for kids and are built to withstand the test of youth. Be sure to look for the “Fun Facts” on each page that enlighten children and adults alike!