What if…you had a HEDGEHOG on your head??


Back at it again, Grandma Sandy continues her creative quest of uncovering how different life would be. With this new book, Grandma Sandy imagines what life would look like if you had a real, live hedgehog on your head. Would his name be Horton Hasselpuff, Harold Hinklespoon, or Huey Habookie? What would he wear on his head on a holiday? How well would he fare in a baseball game in his home town? Join the adventure today and discover for yourself!

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” – Albert Einstein

Grandma Sandy, mother of 7 kids and grandmother to 20, started these books with the goal to unlock the power of imagination and creativity, urging kids (and their parents!) to embrace creative thinking and reap the lifelong benefits of this nearly forgotten skill.

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Complete with ‘Fun Facts’ that educate and enlighten both children and their parents!


Imagine how different your life would be with a Hedgehog on your Head?!